Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why don't we ever get pep talks in real life? Really, I don't know to much about you but if anyone else is like me they could use one every once in a while. And I am not referring to a half hearted "You can do it" or a frustrated, 'stop stressing you know you going to be fine'. because that most definitely does not count. Think about it. For example, in T.V. it is apparently always except-able to stop in the middle of whatever is going on and give the hero a Braveheart worthy pep talk that gives them the courage to take down the Wicked Witch or the Daleks or The Other Bad Guy That Is About To Destroy The World. Pretty much ever single Doctor Who episode has some great motivational moment between the characters. And no matter who is threatening Storybrooke whoever is the hero that day gets some great You Can Do It from just about everyone in a 50 mile vicinity. In T.V. and books and other fictional media it is almost assumed that everyone gets a loving pat on the back and a good luck from everyone they pass as long as they are on the good side. But despite m goodness, my loving family I've never gotten one of those. Not one tat I every fully believed anyways. mainly because they only came when I was truly desperate, sobbing, on the verge of throwing everything away. A really low moment. So The question comes- is it my fault? I know I build other people up often. I'm not a mean person. Fairly sarcastic but I make sure that everyone knows that I really am a cool person to be around. I try to balance it all out. But do I not? or is it my easy encouragement of others, my take no bullshit about their insecurities that has turned them off trying to help me? i guess most of my friends don't ever really see me at a low point. And know that I'm typing this- they really have been kind at times. And I suppose that if I were to get a full fledged brave heart pep talk I'd cut them of half way through and call them out on their shtackoa and be done with the conversation. but I can't help but think part of that comes from the society that we have grown up in. Middle school girls have the compliment wars, high schoolers just hide it all and believe no one would actually mean any of the nice things and by the time your an adult you are irrevocably "self confident' in your body and you let anyone else think that you might as well be the idiot up on stage with Dr. Phil. You know? I mourn the never existent world that i would be able to really build some one up and they believe every word that comes out of my mouth and later, down the road when I am hurt, or scared, or quiet or facing something/ anything new they or someone else would come around the corner take me aside and build me up. And I could believe them as well.
Because honestly, I think I'm a pretty good person, I believe I am intelligent, attractive, funny, kind, but sometimes even the most self confident people need a second person to tell them what they already know.

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