Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Ministry Reads

And books are loved because they are impossible. Because they can't ever really happen. Movie adaptations are proof of that. So we immerse ourselves in the seemingly improbable and fool our imaginations into making it seem real. That is why we cry at endings, or deaths, or births, or life standing still in tragedy. That is why Ender Wiggin is such a tragic little boy. That is why Katniss Everdeen is such an inspiring leader. Or why Augustus Waters is so spectacular . Because reading is the process us being lied to, believing it, closing the book, and having a war with reality. Life may be interesting but a book is always better. You may be flying in a plane but Peter Pan is flying in a pirate ship. You may be in love but Mr. Darcy is in deeper love than you. Books are such beautiful liars, we pay to be deceived. We talk about it. We compare lies, we write about how we liked or disliked them. We give awards to the books that lied better than others. We love it. Love it all. Because we know they are impossible in the far away, unwanted galaxies of reality. But for a pure moment of unrepentant ecstasy the book whispers in our soul and weaves such great tales of deception that we can fool ourselves into believing it is possible. And in that moment every word every chapter is worth the crash, worth the lies.   ~ Rain Tyndale

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